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Wild Travel Destinations for Adventurous Travellers

Wild Travel Destinations for Adventurous Travellers

Mar 08, 2021

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The last year has been incredibly tough on us all. However, there are glimmers of hope on the horizon, and many of us are now looking to plan our next adventure. If you are thinking about escaping to explore the world, we have taken a look at a few wild travel destinations you should add to your bucket list:


  • Paddle through the Grand Canyon

One of the world’s most breathtaking spots, the Grand Canyon should be on everyone’s travel list. For a truly wild adventure, take to the iconic Colorado River in a raft and see the canyon from a truly unique perspective. 


  • Discover Machu Picchu

Dubbed the ‘Secret City’, Machu Picchu is an incredible destination. Based in the heart of the mountains of Peru, trekking up the rocky path will reveal the ancient city appearing slowly from the mist, with the thousands of years of history and mystery laying directly ahead of you.


  • Climb into Iceland’s Thrihnukagigur volcano

Looking for a truly wild adventure? Then why not consider a trip into the depths of a real volcano? Thrihnukagigur in Iceland last erupted 4,000 years ago, but you can now descend into what was once the heart of the magma chamber, 120 metres below the top.


  • Go on safari Maasai Mara

Ever wanted to get up close with wildlife? Heading out on an African safari in Maasai Mara is one of the best travel adventures you can go on. From seeing a wild pride of lions to herds of grazing zebras, going on safari is something that you will never forget.


No matter where your next travel adventure might be, it is your chance for a real experience. To truly make it a cherished memory that will last a lifetime, wherever you go, make sure you take your camera with you. Documenting your experiences will ensure you can re-live those memories again and again.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure your camera becomes as important as your passport when you head out on your next wild adventure.