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Are We Spending Enough Time Outdoors?

Are We Spending Enough Time Outdoors?

May 24, 2021

Pan Sunglasses

We all seem to accept the fact that it’s good to spend time outside, but that’s certainly easier said than done. Between household chores, daily errands, jobs, and even poor weather, most of us have become accustomed to spending our lives indoors. So many of us only to go outside as we travel from one indoor space to another, or for preplanned and special occasions. It’s easy to get into this routine, but we must remember the benefits of spending time outdoors and find new ways to spend time outside.

Is it really that important to get outdoors, or is that just a myth? The short answer is yes, it really is important. It’s good for your health, both physical and mental. Here are a few of the positive effects of spending time outside.

  1. It reduces stress. It’s been proven that time spent in nature reduces cortisol levels and increases endorphins. This means that physically getting outside has positive effects on the body’s hormone production.
  2. You get more vitamin D. This vitamin regulates calcium and phosphate, which in turn benefits your muscles, teeth, bones, and skin.

The more time you spend outdoors, the more benefits you’ll see. These benefits will allow you to be a happier, healthier individual, and will provide ripple effects throughout the rest of your life.

Now, as we’ve mentioned, most of us have fallen into a routine that doesn’t include much time spent outside. It’s necessary to make a conscious effort to create new habits to move toward an outdoorsy lifestyle. These are a few simple habits to add into your life, so you get more fresh air.

  1. Go for a morning walk. Rain or shine make it a habit to go for a quick walk every morning. Not only will you be participating in some exercise, but you’ll be getting fresh air and a change of scenery, too. This is a peaceful, well rounded way to begin each day.
  2. Take a break outside. Whether it’s for coffee, a snack, lunch, or whatever else you prefer, look up from the laptop and take a step out for a few moments. This is a wonderful way to recharge, especially when things get stressful or you’re feeling uninspired.
  3. Make a list of new places to explore. When you do have pockets of time to really adventure, it can be hard to know what to do. Make a list of nearby parks, trails, and so on to check out, so you always have options when the time presents itself.

Building habits isn’t always easy, but in this case it’s definitely worth it. It will take time and won’t be perfect, but any time spent outside is time well spent. One thing is for sure- you’ll be glad to be getting outdoors and seeing how positively it impacts you.

There’s so much to explore in this vast, beautiful world. In a digital age where we’re constantly busy and without enough hours in a day, things like rest, relaxation, and recharging in nature often take a backseat. Finding balance is tough but finding the time to get outside is well worth the effort. You’ll definitely be glad you made the changes.


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